Hi there, agile entrepreneurs!
BNL Start launched its new Startup Factory program!
We are looking for highly digitized solutions in any technological field with strong foreign or even global sales potential. Are you ready…?

About BNL…

Our first accelerating program was successfully finished in 2020. In the nearly 4 years long period BNL Start built up a 24 companies’ portfolio, and became one of the strongest and most attractive ecosystem player in the North-Hungarian Region. As the founders of the incubator always highlighted their FinTech relations and network, most of the early-stage startups were selected from this field. But it wasn’t an exclusionary criteria: turism, edtech,
e-health and many other areas were also welcome! We are proud of our startups:

– in case of 3 companies further, external investment validated the business potential

– for 6 companies next round investment achieved in an amount of all together more than
4 million EUR and

– one partial exit on a favourably high company valuation

… these are the most motivating feedbacks for us to continue.


Our purpose

Startup Factory is now open! In cooperation with the University of Miskolc and many other national and international ecosystem members we are eager to find, to mentor and to support the early stage stratups to help them get real feedback on their businesses and in some cases find financing to be able to achieve global success. What we are looking for? Agile teams who has already something in their hands: an attractive investor deck, a prototype, a successful pilot, some traction, a validated BP… something which helps BNL board to understand the solution and foresee the potential in that.

Preparatory Mentoring Program

Optional step 1 to get a bit closer to funding

The first step to enter into BNL Start incubation is to apply to our “PMP” program.

The application is easiest as you think: you just have to fulfil the following form and send us an 8 sildes pitch deck as we require in our template. You want to share with us much more information about your plans? Sure you can but only after we understood the preposition based on the first application and we are asking for more detailed plans. We really don’t want to cheat: only the bests of the bests will be supported by BNL. But even if your solution is not advanced enough to be selected in PMP and passed forward into our incubation program, you will get feedback from us which will help you to evaluate your idea. Ready? So go ahead and…

Fill the application form
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Startup Factory

Our new Seed Funding Program

The incubation program which give you power to arrive to the next station.

The most promising startups, in which BNL board also believe get finally the BNL Startup Factory Incubation Package: money, mentoring, network, support… every help we just can give you to show to the VC world your standout solution and get the next round financing from them. To be part of it is highly recommended not to skip the PMP, as both of us have to do some extra work in this phase of incubation. Are you interested?

and apply!
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The Team

BnL Start Partners brings one of the most experienced accelerator and entrepreneurial core team in the country. We work together with a number of external experts, mentors and coaches, each of them being the very best in their respective fields. Our expertise spans from planning and strategy through technology and product developement to sales and marketing – all the essentials of a succesful market entry.

  • Viktor Bálint

  • József Nyíri

  • Márton Szőke

  • Krisztina Tajthy

  • Balázs Vinnai