The first B2B focused incubation program from proven entrepreneurs in Hungary
Accelerating ideas for the global market

Our Purpose

We have launched our acceleration program in 2017 to find fresh ideas that combine the power of digital technology and the tradition of Hungary’s engineering and industrial excellence. In cooperation with the University of Miskolc, the University of Eger and a wide network of international companies, we are eager to fund and mentor early-stage projects powered by the most promising talents of the North Hungarian Region and beyond.

We have one purpose in mind: to get them ready for the international market entrance.

The Team behind BnL Start Partners have already proven themselves in the field of fintech and cooperated in several successful B2B solutions. Thus, the Program will mainly focus on this aspect of IT, because this is what we’re good at! Yet, we’re open to get out of our core expertise, so areas of IoT, Machine Learning, Data, Cloud, AI, security, robotics, 3D printing and industry 4.0 sounds fascinating for us, as well.

Preparatory Mentoring Program

In the last few years BNL Start incubator has selected some promising start-ups, which we are working with even today in order to achieve successes.

Right now there is no active application opened, but don’t go past us! If you have ideas which you are seeking investment for just contact us and share some useful information about it on the

The Team

BnL Start Partners brings one of the most experienced accelerator and entrepreneurial core team in the country. We work together with a number of external experts, mentors and coaches, each of them being the very best in their respective fields. Our expertise spans from planning and strategy through technology and product developement to sales and marketing – all the essentials of a succesful market entry.

  • Viktor Bálint

  • József Nyíri

  • Márton Szőke

  • Krisztina Tajthy

  • Balázs Vinnai