And then they were six…

2018. 12. 19.

Couldn’t be any prouder as we’ve just signed our sixth incubational agreement with an up-and-coming startup. See what Instacash is all about.

Digital banking has come to a turning point: both the technology and the regulation environment is provided to a quick and easy, all digital system for applying personal loan.

Online lending is about to exchange a complex and time-consuming process. ‘The planned platform is an online personal loan aggregator that collects the best personal loan offers available on the market’, says Tomas Antal, CEO of Instacash. ‘Based on customer feedback mechanism, users are informed about the quality of the application process and the time needed for filling the application form.’

As it is expected that the online personal loan market will be expanding, the number of products for aggregation will be increasing as well. Based on the Hungarian and Slovakian market experiences, Instacash is targeting markets of further neighbouring countries to step on.

Go check out their hungarian website here, and their slovakian page here!