BNL Start Partners contracted with GuideBox and VernHelps

2017. 10. 02.

Since our launch in March, 2017, BNL Start Partners have already signed two incubation agreements. We have GuideBox, the storytelling audio guide platform for transportation companies and VernHelps an edgy insurtech startup.

GuideBox signed the incubation agreement at the end of July. Ever since, the group is busy developing their special media WiFi hub with GPS using HTML5 technology. ’The idea is that you connect with your smart device to GuideBox and it provides relevant audio and multimedia information based on your location on a storytelling way tailored to your interest.’ says Martin Rétai, CEO of GuideBox. It also sells the right activities and entrance tickets at the right place and time, based on your preferences. GuideBox is designed mainly for Hop-on Hop-off bus and boat industry, but later the platform can easily be extended to other transportation industries like: trains, airlines, public transport companies, car sharing companies, etc. It aims to improve user experience of the current onboard passengers.

By the end of August, we settled with VernHelps, as well. They applied to our program with Vern, a digital insurance adviser. Their aim is to create a digital insurance assistant that is able to handle the entire insurance process on mobile, web and messaging platforms as well with constant customer access. ‘Vern delivers insurance where the clients are and provides help when it’s needed’ explains Daniel Sarkadi, CEO of VernHelps. After the entrance of the Hungarian market in 2018, the goal of the Company will be to become a remarkable digital insurance consultant in the CEE region based on financial, professional and customer satisfaction indicators. As a first step, a travel insurance assistant will be launched then step by step it becomes a consultant for the entire consumer insurance market.

We are still negotiating with startups with thrilling ideas, there’s a financial data aggregation sercvice and a finance management solution for the youth in the pipeline.

BNL Start Partners supports promising startups with mentoring, coaching and product validation. Furthermore, we also provide seed funding and grants for startups selected by tender to get them through the earliest stages of their project and help them to create their MVP. We provide two programs for startups, parallelly: Preparatory Mentoring Program (PMP) is an optional step 0 to prepare selected applicants to get a bit closer to seed funding and Seed Funding Program (SFP), our official program, essentially, this is where we get down to business. If you are successfully admitted to SFP, you receive a max. 200k EUR seed funding and participate in our 6-12 months long incubation program.

Application for PMP is continuous, however, we evaluate the submitted ideas on appointed dates. We are closing the ongoing cycle on 4th October. After wrapping up each application period, the Board of BnL Start selects the most fascinating ideas. The bests will have the chance to pitch their startup to the Board of BnL Start.

Have an idea that may disrupt the industry? A team of superstars? Check out our application form for PMP here.