BNL Start teams up with Hiventures

2017. 09. 02.

BNL Start Partners and Hiventures have just entered into a cooperative agreement and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ll give a professional helping hand to early-stage projects and startups that took part in Hiventures’ Pre-Seed investment program.

Hiventures invests in and supports pre-seed, seed and growth-stage companies through venture capital programs, helping pre-established or young, RDI-focused companies on their way to stardom. Their Incubation (Pre-Seed) investment program focuses on micro-enterprises, where the product or service idea already exists, but the final concept development and business content are yet to evolve. The program provides a standard capital of HUF 9 million (approx. EUR 29,000) to each business and they ask for a 9% share in the company in return.

BNL Start Partners mentors and supports the growth of the startups selected with professional consultancy, networking and incubation services. We have been talking to promising companies and have now signed our first mentoring contract with HEXA VR Kft.

Hexa VR came up with a unique simulation platform that can turn you into an aviator, a pro racing driver, a ship’s captain or a motorcycle racer. Who wouldn’t get excited about this? The platform, a computer peripheral with a related software, gives a more realistic feel to the user experience than anything currently on the market, from the sound and visual effects to movements. The prototype is finished so the focus is now on branding and stepping into the market.