We collected another one!

2018. 03. 28.

Great news! We’ve recently signed our fourth incubation agreement and we’re really excited about it. Meet Bankzee, a fintech startup aiming to teach financial literacy to kids. And it’s fun!

BankZee provides a complex platform for yougsters to raise financial awareness in a cool way. They believe that it is important to educate children on money and finance management, but in order to do so, the solutions need to be quick, at ease, smart and digitalized.

BankZee was founded in late 2017 by experts who have been working for leading fintech companies for almost twenty years. Their state of the art product consists of an IoT device which basically is a moderized, customizable money-box. ’The most exciting thing about it is that it will change its functions over time and grows together with its user’ says Gergely Trifonov, founder of Bankzee.

It comes with a software to track incomes and expenses. It also offers educational material on handling and saving money, but in a playful way.

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