A good time to be proud

2018. 08. 02.

Never been prouder as two of our incubees had a blast earlier the summer. Catch up on the success stories Aggreg8.io, a financial data aggregation service, and BankZee, fintech startup aiming to teach financial literacy to kids, are eager to share.

Aggreg8.io launched last year, by the end of 2017 we signed our incubation agreement and this spring they won FinTechShow 2018.

Aggreg8.io makes financial data accessible and usable for companies and services. Their solutions makes processes like credit scoring, accounting, payments easier, faster and more cost-effective compared to the old school.

While they are negotiating with several local banks and fintech startups – they also submitted their registration o the MNB to become Hungary’s first Account Information Provider (AISP) in May- their ultimate goal is to enter the CEE market.

The team had a tough competition at the FinTechShow as twelve remarkable startups had the chance to pitch their ideas, but Aggreg8.io took the prize – a roadshow with the leaders of the most important local banks and insurance companies, chance to get in to local and international incubation and capital investment programs, training for the MNB regulatory sandbox, and many more.

Established early 2018, we incubated BankZee, a family fintech startup, in March. Their solution is a great pocket money manager for kids of all age that also provides an exciting tool for financial education and it goes hand-in-hand with a savvy piggy bank. The core team even set up an Advisory Board of teenagers to make sure everything in their solution is 100% GenZ-compliant.

Now, BankZee went on a little field trip to the British Isles earlier this summer. They took off to Dublin and checked in to MoneyConf, where they had a live, on-stage pitching battle as part of the conference’s startup competition.

After wrapping up in Dublin, they casually dropped by in London, as they also made it to Startup Campus Global Tour so they introduced their project as part of the London Tech Week.

Follow them here, to see what they’re up to.