We keep it busy in the dog days!

2018. 08. 01.

New incubees on the horizon, cooperation with Hiventures and a massive collaboration to boost the startup ecosystem in Miskolc.

We’re all about discovering the next big shots of the startup world and we don’t let the summer hiatus in our way. Looking back on our journey, we’ve been through ∞+1 meetings, more than 89 applicants, that led to 26 startups on our Pitch Days, 8 signed term sheets, 5 incubation agreement and we have 2 more in the works.

‘We incubated CREWCial Solutions which is a thrilling project that provides a platform to follow the life cycle of students in alternative educational systems or institutions,’ says Krisztina Tajthy, CEO of BNL Start Partners, ‘We also negotiate with an international startup and that’s pretty exciting! They develop commercial lending solutions for banks which are able to optimise the credit decision process,‘ she continues,’And our second future-incubee is a startup with an instant loan based payment solution.’ 

Have an idea that will disrupt the industry? And a team of superstars? Fill in our application form for PMP here and join us.

We continue to work together with Hiventures, to support the cutting-edge ideas of startups and innovative businesses. On May, 3rd we participated Hiventures’ Incubator meetup where the first 15 months of the investment program was discussed by the cooperating partners. We evaluated the most important lessons learnt and shared best practices. The event concluded in the renewal of the cooperative agreement that was signed by Hiventures and the regional incubators. Together we seek opportunities to work together not only to give professional helping hand to early-stage projects and startups that took part in Hiventures’ Pre-Seed investment program, but to contribute to the increase of Hungary’s international competitive advantage.

As our HQ is in Miskolc, we keep focusing on the North Hungarian Region, as well. We teamed up with the University of Miskolc, INPUT Program and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research and there is a massive event in the making for Fall 2018. ‘Start ME Up’ will be a startup competition and Demo Day with a goal to address university student and even lecturers with an innovative mindset to boost the entrepreneur thinking and startup ecosystem. Participants will have the chance to see how an idea can be put together in a business model and pitched on point to an investor.

Interested? Don’t worry, we will deliver the news right in time.