2018. 09. 04.

Accenture’s costumer research of 32.000 people from eighteen countries showed that insurance is not interpreted as an independent thing, it is always related to some kind of a product or a service.

People would like to find the insurance of everydays that helps them to prevent or compensate damages and provides a continuously available consultative assistance.

Vern responds directly to the needs of costumers and takes insurance to online point of sales. Vern enables merchants to offer relevant insurance solutions related to the online sold products. This creates a new source of revenue for the online distributors, a new distribution channel for the insurance companies, and it gives simple access to relevant insurance services for the customers.

Whether it’s an e-ticketing portal or an electronic e-commerce platform, Vern is immediately able to provide technological background and insurance solutions for its partners. The on-site sold insurance will enrich the user-experience of the purchased product or service, and enhance the brand and customer relationship.
Vern won’t leave customers alone after purchase of the insurance, it rather offers consultative assistance for them during the complete duration of their insurance contracts. With this „personal insurance assistant“ customers will be able to access their insurance at all time and place.

In the incubation programme of BnL, Vern developed the application that supports online merchants to enter the insurance market within 4 weeks, by supplying the proper insurance products, the necessary operational technology and the legal background.